Guru Gita: The song celestial in adoration of Guru

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Author: Tirtha, Swami Sahajananda

Brand: Independently Published

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 107

Release Date: 17-10-2018

Details: Guru Gita is essentially a dialogue between Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati regarding the inescapable requirement of a Guru for mankind in order to achieve the state of self-realization. It is a part of an ancient Sanskrit text called “Skandha Purana”.It is a remarkable text which is worthy enough to be read by every person irrespective of his or her religious, cultural and educational background.There is nothing controversial as such in this text from any religious point of view. Although it happens to be in the form of a dialogue between a Hindu God and his wife, the teaching is totally secular in nature. The essence of the entire teaching being the inescapable requirement of a Guru for any person. Further, it directly proclaims that a Guru indeed is none other than the supreme divinity itself manifested through the medium of a particular human form for the purpose of igniting the path of self-realization to some disciples on the Earth.The teaching itself is very profound and inspiring. Every reader is sure to get spell bound by the kind of literature presented in the text.

EAN: 9781728899138

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Languages: English

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