Ian and The Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh

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Author: Dilyard, Jim

Brand: Legal Zoom

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 100

Release Date: 30-12-2018

Details: Product Description Ian and The Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh (Book 1)A Dragon Based Children’s paperback Action Adventure SeriesParents and children love the lessons delivered by Bry-Ankh, the Great Silver Dragon. The first book in the Dragon series, a young boy learns the truth about Dragons. He discovers they are, in fact, very real, and one is willing to be his friend… and future mentor.This interactive adventure includes elements of fantasy, magic, and important life lessons. Easy for children to read, or enjoyed with an adult, your child will benefit from seeing how the main character Ian’s self-confidence grows as he becomes a student of success taught by The Great Silver Dragon.Author Jim Dilyard has received solid recognition for these titles from “The Author’s Show.com” in 2014, 2016There are currently three books in the series, with more planned1.Ian and The Great Silver Dragon, Bry-Ankh978-1-59098-648-62.Ian and The Great Silver Dragon, A Friendship begins 978-1-59098-646-23.Ian and The Great Silver Dragon, A Hero is Reborn 978-1-72086-367-0For more information on Jim Dilyard see his Authors Page for reviews not found on Amazon.Questions for the author can be sent through his website, www.greatsilverdragon.comDoes your child enjoy reading about Dragons, faraway places, magic, and ancient civilizations?Do you like reading stories aloud to your child about adventure mixed with life lessons?Are you looking for a wholesome children’s book series that teaches them how to be successful later in life, while learning how to really accomplish it? Review My opinion about the green book Ian and the Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh by Jim Dilyard   My name is Val Biktashev, Beverly Hills Feng Shui Master, and President of American Healing Arts Institute in Beverly Hills, California. I am also author of the best-selling book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui. As Feng Shui Master, doing Feng Shui for celebrity homes, apartments, offices, and corporations, I deal a lot with energies called Money Dragon, Mountain Dragon,and another 7 Dragons. As other great Feng Shui Masters in the world, I can see and talk to that dragon energies. I ask them what they need; I fulfill their wishes; and dragons bring homeowners what they want .   When I talk to the Dragons, find their locations, and give them what they want, the lives of my clients change instantly from bad to good; or from good to better. Sometimes I don't physically change anything in the home, but invisible changes in the rooms' energies bring immediate release of tensions and bad luck. People find jobs, receive unexpected money. Sick people suddenly find a new effective cure, and surgeries become successful. The common cold, and fatigue will be gone. People feel energetic, happy, and successful. Prosperity, happy events, weddings, and the birth of an intelligent child will come into their life. (This will help you understand green book deeper.) This book by Jim Dilyard is talking about dragons seen by a boy . In my opinion, these are Feng Shui dragons. A Western boy seeing dragons is very unusual. These dragons are protecting him.Giving him peace of mind. Become his real friends. He doesn't feel lonely. Even though he lives in the modern house far away from neighboring children. I recommend this book for adults  because this book has unusual helpful values. How can you use it? Just keep it in your bookshelf, or better, on your night stand. Look at it before going to sleep. You don't have to read it every night. Just look at it. Go to sleep. You will feel your life become easier. How? It doesn't matter. We don't know how a sleeping pill works.We take it. We sleep good. We don't know how a car engine works. We drive it and get where we want. Use this book and give feedback to the author: What exactly and how fast your dreams and goals are realized in your life. Expect without expecting. Thank you. For better results, read this book every 17 days.It is not mand

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