Infomercial Secrets Revealed

Infomercial Secrets Revealed

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Infomercial Secrets Revealed is your ultimate blueprint for Sourcing…and Creating…winning products so the cash keeps rolling in time and again.

Listen: It’s a LOT of work to succeed in the business. I should know…after creating over 100 infomercials on products from Dr. Atkins to Hair Loss and everything in between…so I can know how to make this work.

And, in Infomercial Secrets Revealed, I outlined my step-by-step blueprint to consistently keep creating winning shows in the long term…

...And when I say “long-term”…I mean 10, 15, even 20 years from now!

I share with you ALL of my best formulas and techniques. I literally leave nothing in reserve. Every facet of the business is covered in granular detail.

This is NOT a “basic how-to” course. I don’t have a second more “advanced” version to sell you down the line. This is IT. This is everything on EXACTLY how I managed to consistently hit the big numbers.

You’ll get the entire 3-days on DVD....AND watch over my shoulder as I rip the lid off the industry. It's just as if you were there…LIVE…watching me go through every element within the business! That’s over 18 hours of live tuition with the Infomercial King (Not my choice of words…but hey, who doesn’t like to get Kudos like that)

Here are just SOME Of The Tried And Tested Strategies I Cover:

  • The way you should REALLY assess whether a product has potential for TV or not—this will put you ahead of 99% of your competitors…and the #1 reason I’m still so visible after all these years!
  • How to buy Media at a fraction of the cost of your competitors and even receive FREE airtime to promote your products or service. I am talking about 30 minutes to sell your product on the network's dime!
  • Specific companies you should use to turn your new business on to auto-pilot. This is everything from getting products manufactured to who answers the calls (You even get an industry Jargon “dictionary” so you can sound and act like a pro your first day)
  • How to get started even if you don’t want to develop your own product. How to leverage other people's material as if it were your own.
  • Where to find hidden gems that have already proven their winning ability but have been replaced by newer, shinier products from the big boys.
  • What you can do to increase your profit on every single call… even those that don’t buy from you!
  • How to track and interpret sales results in minutes, even when you have 1000’s of stations running your shows.
  • I even open up my address book and tell you who to talk to in order to get started fast! 

…and a whole LOT more!

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