Know the Score

Know the Score

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This album is a vintage audio recording of a full 3-day seminar Kevin Trudeau gave on the concept of "Know the Score". Quantities are limited and will not be reproduced once sold out!

Knowing your score of how much you are willing to learn and accept change will take you to a much higher level as it relates to attracting what you want into your life.

In this training, you will explore questions for yourself like:

What is my willingness to accept change?

Have I made changes based on the advice of my mentor?

What is my willingness to learn?

Do I listen to my mentor?

Do I do a daily self-analysis?

Do I keep score of what is going on in my business daily?

Is my daily activity for the purpose of accomplishing my goal?

What score do I need to know as it relates to my business?

Do I believe it is beneficial to know the score?

What do I think about most of the time? Can I picture it? Is the picture in my mind detailed?

How does it make me feel when I do not get what I want when I want it?

What is my thought response to not getting what I want?

And more.

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