Moon Stack With Sun Opposition Package

Moon Stack With Sun Opposition Package

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This is the best and most supportive package from

I Ching Systems that you can buy!


This package features three elements: 

#1: Color Blok 3-Stack

The Color Blok Three-Stack is designed to help us find balance where we may be caught in old behavior patterns. This includes more support for what we would call the "Witness" or the "Presence", the one in you who can be the observer of your own life.

This instrument contains some very ancient symbols and relies on many of the principles found in acupuncture.

The Color Blok Stack is most effectively used when incoming unbalanced energy is forcing one’s system to go out of balance. This happens way more often than we are aware of. This includes projected impurities from co-workers, friends, relatives, ex-spouses, children etc.

Also addressed are the conditions of suffering and pain in the world at large, which can affect us so deeply.

Additionally, the Color Blok Three-Stack provides help for our young selves, reaching even the pre-verbal hurts many of us have endured.


#2: The NEW Moon Stack

The NEW personal Moon Stack is determined by the location of the Moon in your astrological natal chart. This Hexagram is printed to incorporate the element/color of your natal Moon, then assembled with your hair and a magnet sealed in the middle of the stack.

For the NEW Moon Stack:  The Moon is continuously moving through time and space. The new Color Mixer element on the Moon Stack is also constantly moving and mixing. It keeps the person’s Moon nature (emotions, family, parenting) steady and functioning properly. The new Moon Stack adjusts the energies (colors) as the person’s system changes moment to moment.
The Hexagram of your natal Moon is the linchpin to the energetic ball that is the damage that caused each of us to be who we are. Once you pull the pin by broadcasting this Hexagram, you explode the ball of damages. The exploded pieces are then reassembled in such a way as to cause each of us to operate out of the more positive expression of our Moon Hexagram.
One of the effects of the NEW Moon Stack is unity. It causes us to feel connected to everyone and everything — connected to the entire universe.
The NEW Moon Stack also addresses the emotional ‘stuff’ we might carry relating to our mothers. Many people also need a Mars Stack, to address the father ‘stuff’ they carry. These Stacks work by solving our relationships with our mother (Moon) and our father (Mars). By completing those relationships, that is to say illuminating any damages in them and making new connections inside ourselves with the universal mother and universal father, we feel better about ourselves and satisfied with our past. And that helps us find happiness. 
Your NEW Moon Stack is designed to be hung on your wall, or propped upright. It will work on you 24/7 just by its presence.


#3: Sun Opposition Hexagram Stack

The Sun Opposition Hexagram Stack is personal to each person based on their astrology and is specifically used to complement and enhance the effectiveness of the Fibonacci Life Path Symbol.

Most people spend their lives struggling with the astrological sign that is opposite their Sun sign. If we go 180 degrees from the exact degree of their Sun, determine which Hexagram falls on that point, that Hexagram represents a life struggle for the person. By placing a person on a Stack of that Opposition Hexagram, we eliminate the struggle and they are free to move fully into the best of their Sun sign.


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